Mc eiht official album zip


WS Label. We started created promo a year before the album dropped. When PnP takes the Cereal idea to Yungstar.

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What made it even better. Pen and Pixel had a PR machine promoting their company, when a writer showed up at my office with a million questions, asking me about the dates on my artwork, which I always add. PnP was pissed, the press had did there research and found out the truth. PnP treated to sue them and me for definition of character. I once asked Shawn from Pen and Pixel, how do you sue the press your PR person got to do a story on you. Never got an answer to that question.

This guy even tried to sneak in the Lil Flip cover as his own until someone called him out on it. I turned over the art to. It also stopped people from going into my files and savaging them.

The effects are called Lens flares, Cash money was a client of Pen and Pixel. When I came along it was just a part of my work and was added when necessary, they took it, put it on everything and road it to the grave, and that Red fucking Sky. She had to fight for her power.

mc eiht official album zip

WS : Would you share with us some good memories about Pimp C in his remembrance? So hard to call him Pimp C face to face when you know him, kinda like I do with Flavor or most artist I have a personal relationship with and they call me Clyde. WS : Were there any rappers whom you worked with but you could say it grew into a friendship? To family friends watching each other kids grow up. It was when Flavor Flav lived with me.

We both was hanging out at a Hotel in Houston called Hotel Derek. Flavor wanted to go outside and Smoke. Hey Blackat!!! I walk out to give him a hug and at that moment, Pimp C looks over my shoulders and see Flavor Flav. Pimp freaks out and runs over to Flavor and drop to the ground and kisses Flavor Flav shoes.

Make him stop! Schulzhe worked at home creating his vision, was something i always wanted to do. Short, but so dope, nuff said. As always, no bullshit CD-Rs.

Support the real thing and buy it K-Locsta Official Bandcampsupplies limited to copies worldwide, get one while it lasts!Good Kid, M. D City stylized as good kid, m. The album is Lamar's major label debut, after his independently released first album Section. D City was recorded mostly at several studios in California, with producers such as Dr. Billed as a "short film by Kendrick Lamar" on the album cover, the concept album follows the story of Lamar's teenage experiences in the drug-infested streets and gang lifestyle of his native Compton.

mc eiht official album zip

The album received widespread acclaim from critics, who praised its thematic scope and Lamar's lyrics. D City debuted at number two on the US Billboardsellingcopies in its first week — earning the highest first-week hip hop album sales of from a male artist, along with the best-selling debut from a male artist of the year.

MC Eiht – Official Album (Zip Download)

The album was also named to many end-of-the-year lists, often topping them. By Aprilthe album had sold 1. All five singles achieved chart success, of varying degrees. Lamar also went on a world tour between May and Augustfeaturing the other members of the hip hop collectiveBlack Hippy.

After the release and success of his debut studio album Section. Dre 's Aftermath Entertainment. Back to the neighbourhood and [going] back in that same space where we used to be, got [me] inspired.

So this album won't sound like Section. The track serves as the twelfth track on the album, and acts as the standard edition's closing track. On August 15,Lady Gaga announced via Twitter, that she had collaborated with Lamar on a song called "Partynauseous", for the album, and would be released on September 6. However, on August 23, Gaga announced that the song was no longer being released on that date and apologized to fans for the delay.

On November 8, Gaga released the version she was featured on, which had her singing the chorus and a verse. D City has a low-key, [13] downbeat production, [14] with atmospheric beats and subtle, indistinct hooks. Dre 's G-funk during the early s, but adds that "Lamar often sounds like Drake Lyrically, the album chronicles Lamar's experiences in his native Compton and its harsh realities, [23] in a nonlinear narrative.

Cowie of Exclaim! Lamar's tale of ducking Compton's rougher corners to find himself artistically. Lamar exhibits a tempered delivery on the album [15] and raps with dense narratives, internal rhyme[30] double and triple time flow [31] and multiple voices for different characters. Before the album's title was officially revealed, fans had already been calling Lamar's major label debut Good Kid, Mad City or Good Kid in a Mad Cityas it was a nickname Lamar had given himself.

He had used the phrase in his lyrics as early as the Kendrick Lamar EP. After keeping the album title's acronym concealed, Lamar later revealed M.

It was just me getting my hands on the wrong thing at the wrong time [and] being oblivious to it. The cover artwork for Good Kid, M. D City features a baby Lamar, two of his uncles, and his grandfather, with the adults' eyes censored, possibly for privacy reasons. He explained that the reason why he had not censored his own eyes was that the album's story was told through his eyes, and is based around his experiences.

The uncle who is holding Lamar also is displaying the Crips gang sign with his hand, and the poster above the head of the uncle features Lamar and his father. The album's first single, " The Recipe ", was released on April 3, Dreand was produced by Scoop DeVille.

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Dre shot a video for the song at a mansion in Los Angeles in May, although it was never released. The music video for the song, " Backseat Freestyle ", was released on January 2,which included Lamar's father in a cameo appearance.

The song was serviced to American rhythmic contemporary radio on January 15,[46] and peaked at number 26 on the US Billboard Hot By Aron A. MC Eiht is back with his latest project "Official.

By Bhaven Moorthy. By Keenan Higgins. By Mitch Findlay. D Smoke makes a strong impression on "Black Habits. Snoop Doggy Dogg takes it back. By Karlton Jahmal. From the West Coast to the East Coast.

The family wants to keep it private. Blueface's new EP drops tomorrow.

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Spice 1 Drops Off "Platinum O. Spice 1 is back with his new project. Two of the West Coast's finest connect. By Milca P.

[Mp3 Download] MC Eiht – Official Zip

Spice 1 is back with new music off of his forthcoming project, "Platinum O. Nef The Phaorah is back in action. It's just another day in Compton. By Aida C. Guy Torry and Tupac Shakur were friends until Torry ditched him. By Alex Zidel. By Devin Ch. Kehlani's Summer Collection will be available as of Wednesday morning. YG shares new clip. Khao comes through with the ultimate posse cut. Top 25 Best The Game Songs.Remember Me Forgot Password? Upload Files F.

You have requested the file: Name: MC Eiht. Everything should work stable now. Please report any encountered bugs. Zippyuploader update, Docs and Videos encoding performance boost. The only change is related to an increased file size limit of MB. If something This is probably a long-awaited update, but I assure you that this is not the last change prepared by us for the next 3 months.

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We offer fast download speeds. The maximum filesize for a single file is MB. The file can be downloaded at any time and as often as you need it. File Life: 30 days after no activity. No ridiculous queues! No limits!After graduating from high school the two hip-hop heads, who were both deejays first, decided to start rhyming, formed a group and started recording music.


They became a part of a larger L. The Nonce would handle all of the production work on World Ultimatewhich included a few singles that would make a little noise on the hip-hop charts.

The cause of his death has never been confirmed. He was only 28 years old. On The Air — The first song of the evening features an airy backdrop with a soothing reoccurring sax loop that Yusef and Nouka each spit a verse over, showing gratitude for the opportunity to share their music with the world. Keep It On — The Nonce pick up the tempo and energy a bit with this melodious, refreshing and breezy backdrop, as Sef and Nouka continue to spew their serviceable abstract rhymes.

This delectable instrumental is the audio equivalent of a never ending orgasm. Bus Stops — This was the second single from World Ultimate. Nouka and Sef dedicate this one to all the fly honeys out there at the bus stop, malls or cruising around the city in their fly whips. Aceyalone stops by to play a radio deejay during the hook.

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It would have been nice to hear him spit a verse, but whatever. The drowsy jazzy backdrop is cool, and fits the vibe The Nonce has created to this point. The West Is… — The Nonce invite a few of their friends Butta B and Meen Green to join them on this cipher joint, giving some local emcees a chance to shine on a bigger stage and rep for the West Coast.

Testing — Short interlude that Sef and Nouka use to do a mic check. It was kind of weird to hear a mic check halfway through the album, but at least the jazzy instrumental playing underneath them was pleasing to the ear. World Ultimate — The Nonce lay down a laid back jazzy instrumental built around a dope piano loop, as they continue to take turns flexing their abstract rhymes.

Good To Go — Our hosts get on their emcee shit with this one. I absolutely love the creamy instrumental and the breathy and soothing singing by Figures of Speech on the hook. Hoods Like To Play — This is probably my least favorite song on World Ultimate, but the instrumental is still pleasing.

Especially the perfect sprinkling of that horn loop throughout the record. Over a mellow backdrop our hosts each spit a verse about the importance of putting a sock on jimmy before you poke the punani. Well done, fellas. Eighty Five — Over yet another airy melodic backdrop, Nouka spits one quick verse dedicated to the mid-eighties. I could listen to this instrumental all day and never get tired of it. Great way to close the album. By DJ Quik was a well-respected hip-hop artist with two gold selling albums under his belt.

His crispy clean brand of G-funk production, along with his distinctive ability to pick the right funk and soul loops helped him to create two nearly sonically flawless albums with his first two releases. And based on the album cover and artwork in the liner notes, he would also begin to embrace and be more vocal about his affiliation with the Tree Top Piru Blood set.

Then he drops a mid-tempo funk groove and shouts out his hood and homeboys and gives a brief history of his stint in this here rap game. And of course he had to give the middle finger to MC Eiht. This was pretty dope. Quik sounds nice, the hook is catchy and the laidback funk groove is infectious.Despite his youth, Eiht catapulted his group to nationwide recognition at the dawn of the '90s.

A but was relatively low profile -- neither as commercial nor as controversial as those who achieved fame beforehand -- and remained largely an underground act despite some Billboard chart placements.

Eiht's discography with and without CMW continued to grow, and in the s his reputation was rock solid, reflected in his work with both fellow veterans DJ Quik, DJ Premier and younger stars Kendrick Lamar who regarded him as an original master.

Following the success of this single, Eiht signed to the Sony-distributed Epic Street imprint and entered the studio with Slip to record his full-length solo debut, We Come Strapped.


None of Eiht's successive albums were as commercially successful as We Come Strapped, though some, such as additional Epic releases Death Threatz and Last Man Standingand the independently released Veterans Daywere arguably better. In successive years, Eiht continued to record solo projects on a frequent basis, and he also reconvened on occasion with CMW.

Apple Music Preview. Sign Out. Sign In. Try It Now. Latest Release. Mar 14, Official 27 songs. Top Songs See All. MC Eiht. Kendrick Lamar Straight Up Menace. Candy Drippin' Like Water [feat. Snoop Dogg Albums See All. Which Way Iz West. Keep It Hood. Veterans Day. Music Videos See All.


Got That feat. DJ Premier. Hit the Floor. You Can't See Me feat. Tha Chill of N. All for the Money. The Murda Show feat. Bring Em All feat. Cherell Terri - Single. How U Do That feat. Chill - Single. No Reason feat. Tre Legend - Single.

Classic Hip Hop Lives - Single.While October 22 is still one week away, Kendrick Lamar took to Twitter to reveal the official tracklist of his upcoming debut full-length good kid, m.

The likely to become classic piece contains 12 tracks featuring production work from the likes of T-MinusHit-BoyPharrell WilliamsJust Blaze and more. The deluxe version contains five additional, including a duet with Mary J. Have a look below and pre-order here. Sherane a. By Tha Bizness By Sounwave Backseat Freestyle Prod.

mc eiht official album zip

By Hit-Boy The Art of Peer Pressure Prod. By Tabu Money Trees Ft. Jay Rock Prod. By DJ Dahi Poetic Justice Ft. Drake Prod. By Scoop DeVille By Pharrell MC Eiht Prod. By T-Minus

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